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Ken Kwok: My little teaching story…

Once upon a time, when I was still a little boy, I used to sit my teddy bears and Lego men around a table in front of their teacher – me for the days, weeks, years ahead…

Fast-forward to a couple of decades later. (Who would have guessed??) I took up part-time jobs tutoring students from 5 years old to ‘A’-level teenagers at tutorial centres in Hong Kong – whilst I was working hard on completing my full-time counselling psychology training at university.

Upon qualified as a counsellor in 2004, I joined a language centre in Hong Kong pursuing a career in teaching and re-trained to become a Cantonese Chinese tutor. I haven’t looked back since.

Here I am, offering face-to-face and online Cantonese Chinese lessons (and maths lessons using Hong Kong’s syllabus) – to students from 2 to 80 years old – for the last 17 years in London, Europe and rest of the world.

Life is an interesting journey, eh?


What I use in my teaching…

I am a strong believer of lifelong learning and amalgamating knowledge from different disciplines into my work.

My teaching is grounded mainly in humanistic counselling psychology, educational psychology and cognitive psychology. Other disciplines, including social theories  and Jungian Analytic psychology add substances to my practice.

Drawing from my psychological counselling background, I focus on cultivating my pupils’ confidence in speaking Cantonese, and I regard being empathic and reflective as very important in my teaching practice.

In addition to my MA in counselling (2009), I am expanding my knowledge (again? You like learning so much…) through working towards a PhD in Social Work.

I simply enjoy learning and teaching.

Okay, so why Ken Kwok then?

Because I love teaching. When you have passion about something, you simply invest your time and efforts (sprinkle a bit of love too) on perfecting it – and you do it WELL! As simple as that!


This PDF file gives you some ideas about my class, teaching styles and myself in a nut shell.

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Updated on 1 April 2021.