LEARNING Cantonese is ‘4’ Every ‘1’!

LISTEN!  Learning Cantonese Chinese doesn’t have to be boring, tedious and hard. Anyone can do it! Let me debunk all these myths and negativity for you!

With an empathic, experienced and knowledgeable teacher; a well-structured curriculum and textbooks; and – the involvement of the students (the most important!), learning Cantonese can be a piece of cake!

I have been instilling fun, laughter – and the right frame of mind as well as discipline into my Cantonese classroom since 2004. I make systematic language learning a pleasant, fruitful and accessible experience for everyone.

Direct approach is the method I use in teaching, where only the target language (in this case, Cantonese Chinese) is spoken in class, since the first lesson. 

My pedagogy is strongly, but not exclusively, informed by theories and practice of psychology – including counselling (for cultivating core conditions for growth from Rogerian therapy); developmental psychology (for identifying Zone of Proximal Development of language learners); cognitive psychology (for creating teaching materials optimising for memory retention); personality psychology (for understanding learners’ information processing preference(s)) and educational psychology (for pedagogical approaches).

I view recognition of and responding to individual differences and preferred learning style(s) of a language learner as paramount. Some learners, for example, find learning through abstract ideas challenging (‘S’ information processing type), content will be presented in a relatively concrete, tangible fashion so as to enhance comprehension.

At the same time, I’m committed to stretch my students’ – both children and adults – capabilities wherever possible as stressed in the statutory framework (e.g. Early Years Foundation Stage) from UK Department of Education.

Let me take you along this magical journey whether you are in London, Norway, Sweden or wherever you are in the world!


Latest News:

2022 Summer Group Activity – 25 July 2022

Coming up soon.


YouTube video on using Google Input Tools & stroke order – 23 January 2021 


Why everything is red in Chinese New Year? – 16 January 2021

Let me tell you about… Chinese New Year!

Activity Sheet:

NHS discounts available  – from March 2020

Please contact me for enquires.


Language Practice Session  – 22 June 2019 (Saturday)

Date: 22 June 2019 (Saturday)

Time: 14.30

Location: Members’ Room, The British Library, London NW1 2DB

Cost: £4 per person

Please note: 

  • Open for current and previous students only
  • Suitable for pre-intermediate / intermediate level students
  • Registration needed
  • Maximum no# of participants: 4 

Sweden and Oslo Tour  – Summer 2019

I will be meeting current students as well as holding free trial session for prospective students in Scandinavia this summer. E-mail me ( to register your interest.

22 July (Monday) – 4 August (Sunday): Uppsala & Stockholm, Sweden

5 August (Monday) – 6 Tuesday (Tuesday): Oslo, Norway

* For current students: your booked lessons will go ahead as usual and will not be affected.


Updated on 1 April 2021